Stop Making This Mistake....Please!

This was a tough one to share because I don't want to offend you, or upset you. But at the end of the day, it is my duty to help you find success in Los Angeles. Therefore, I HAD to share this with you. I truly believe in helping you, even if that includes pointing out mistakes you are making. I've had people point out mistakes I made in the past, and it was so helpful. I hope you find this helpful, too. And know that I still heart you so much!

I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so....scared.

Today I took a trip down memory lane because why the hell not?

I keep like every email ever in my Gmail account, so I thought it would be fun to do a search for all emails sent the few weeks surrounding my move to Los Angeles. 

"Fun" turned out to be not so much. 

OH THE MEMORIES! Just seeing the subject lines of all my emails during that time brought old emotions flooding back. SCARED AS SHIT. ANXIETY, ANXIETY, ANXIETY. LONELY WITH ANOTHER DASH OF SCARED!

How to Take Advantage of Pilot Season

For those of you interested in working in Television, I wanted to give you some insight as to how to take advantage of Pilot Season.

Pilot Season rolls around every year, starting in January/February. Studios and networks put u tons of money to produce several pilots (around 10 per network), and they usually take 2 months or so to film (14 days for actual filming and another month or more for pre- and post- production).

The 3 Keys to Cold Emailing

When you’re trying to break into any industry, cold emailing can be a great technique to connect with people. I know it sounds scary, but with the internet as your confrontational buffer, it’s not so bad. 

“Progress always involves risk; you can't steal second base and keep your foot on first."   - Frederick Wilcox

That quote genius-ly applies here. If you want to go after a big dream, you’re going to have to take a risk. You can’t expect things to magically fall into your lap, without you putting in any of the work. So, sometimes, you have to send out cold emails to people whom you’ve never met, or people you admire, or people you want to work for. Just know that we’re all in this together, so we are all taking those scary steps right there with you.

Dreams: How to create, achieve, change, and repeat.

Dreams are a funny thing. Some people have big dreams, some people have little dreams, and some people don't know what the hell to dream. And now I'm experiencing a new phenomenon: dreams changing.

TELL ME you still watch Grey's Anatomy. Um, sorry, just me? I know, I know, it's like so 2005. I'll admit, the stories are a bit old hat now in 2015, but some of the lines are still complete brilliance. Like,

"There is no easy in glory."

I know, mind blowing. Anyway, in this past week's episode, there was a young patient who was a golf extraordinaire. Golf was her dream, and she was achieving it like a boss. Then, in true TV Drama fashion, she injures herself and can't play golf again. The poor girl is devastated that her dream has been completely killed. 

Success in LA: No Excuses

"I can't afford it."

Ever notice how we play the victim? We blame our lack of success on any factor but ourselves.

"I want to participate in that program, but I just can't afford it."

"I wanted to go out for that job, but I just couldn't find a ride to get there. "

"I wanted to attend that class, but my favorite TV show was on at that time."

Have you ever said any of those things? I know I have.

But I want to tell you what I've learned on my journey to finding incredible success making it in LA: Those "victims" are not the ones who make it.

We all have these big dreams, but you see, we forget that to achieve something so big, we must do something so big to get there.

The 2 Things You Better Be Doing

Commitment + Implementation should be your BFFs. Whatever you're trying to do in your life, do it with those two cool kids by your side. Can't you just see it now? Strolling off into the sunset, hand-in-hand with Mr. Commitment and Mr. Implementation, as a movie soundtrack plays in the background! THAT'S how close you should be with these two. 

These two are life savers and career creators. When you want to achieve BIG DREAMS, you need these two by your side. 

How To Make Your Dreams Happen Faster

Pursuing your dreams is hard work. Sometimes it feels like a never-ending journey with no light at the end of the tunnel. You know you want it, but does it really have to take this long to get it? 

Do you ever feel this way? I know I do. I get overwhelmed pretty easily, by the BIG, HUGE dream that I'm trying to accomplish. 

But a few years ago, I started implementing a new tool that I learned, and things really began to happen for me. Like, super fast. It was pretty amazing. I've been using the tool for years, and then recently I decided to switch things up and try it a little differently. 

I wanted to share both of these tools with you, because they have helped me SO MUCH! I know they can do wonders for you as well, and expedite your dreams. 

Ok, ready? YEAH you are! 

Why the weather in LA is a really big deal

Oh. My. Gosh. It is so magically warm and beautiful right now in LA. Yes, on January 8th. This week, I'm spending most of my time at my office in Santa Monica, where it is usually colder than the rest of LA. But today I took a stroll outside, wearing a t-shirt and jeans. I think my arms may have even gotten a little sunburn! I know, #LAproblems. 

Everyone knows the weather in LA is pretty much agreeable every single day. (If you aren't here yet, for fun, you should add LA to your weather app on your phone. Those little suns just never go away!) While some people may find the weather here boring, I want to tell you why the awesome weather here is actually a big deal. 

5 Essential Actions To Take To Start Pursuing Your Dreams

Every year, a myriad of people move to Los Angeles to pursue a dream. Whether that dream is to be a successful actor, live a life by the water, become the next Steven Spielberg (or the next, next. My cousin Benh Zeitlin is the next Spielberg!), or break into the music industry—it's a dream that can't be fulfilled anywhere else. LA is definitely a special place where dreams are coming true all the time.

How to Get an Apartment Without a Job

A lot of you have been telling me that you're having a hard time renting an apartment when you don't have a job lined up. I know it can be tough, and I know what I did when I was in your shoes, but I wanted to get you more valuable information that wasn't just from my experience. So, I sat down with my favorite apartment search site, The Rental Girl, and they gave really honest, helpful insight. These ladies really know their stuff when it comes to apartments, so I hope you find this as helpful as I did!